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About Dusti

Hello and welcome to my site. I'm a retired professor with a passion for sharing life-changing research. I've been studying happiness for decades with a focus on the booming new field of Positive Psychology. This field is exploding today because of the epidemic of depression. My goal is to turn the tide and help others on their quest for happiness.



The Queen of Thailand asked for teachers. I was chosen out of hundreds of candidates to take a gap year before graduation to teach monks at schools in Thailand. 

Image: I'm teaching English to middle school monks at the Golden Mountain School in Bangkok. 

I earned two doctorates in Education from the University of Wisconsin at Madison (1995) -- Ph.D. major in Ed Tech (C&I); Ph.D. minor in Ed Psych.

Before that, I had earned a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts at Ambassador College, in Pasadena (1987). I followed that up with a master's in C&I (Curriculum & Instruction) at California State University, Los Angeles (1990).



Over the years, I've managed to teach every grade level from Pre-K through Graduate School at schools in the USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and China. I then spent over two decades teaching graduate classes in Instructional Design and Technology.

Image: Our team of incredible educators in California created a fantastic program for 6th graders. I'm standing here with our top math students. We swept the awards for an L.A. County mathlete contest for the second year in a row. This shows what can be done when great teachers work together. I was privileged to be part of that team.


My presentation focus is to brighten your day and give you an edge on your way!

Image: I'm giving the Convocation at Emporia State University getting new freshmen and their parents fired up for a great year.


Chitralada Palace School, Thailand

Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong

Western Academy Beijing, China

WuFeng Institute of Technology, Taiwan

Kansas City Academy, MO

Exceptional Children's Conference, NC

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, WI


EdMedia + Innovate Learning, Netherlands

European Conference on Social Media, UK

SEARCH: Social Media in Focus, Malaysia

Open Courseware Consortium, Indonesia

Academy of Principals, Singapore

Int'l Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, Cyprus

MORE: ePortfolio of Presentations  (External link opens in separate window)
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