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Image by Nicholas Green


For 2023-2024 we are offering four different multimedia-enhanced, dynamically driven assemblies that motivate kids to take action.


Additional PD and Parent programs may be purchased. For example, each assembly has a related Professional Development session with teachers (before or after school) and/or an evening seminar with parents. In this way, students, parents and teachers can all be working together by using these powerful ideas.

2023-4 Assemblies

The Quest for Happiness:
Three of our assemblies tie into the pursuit of happiness, most notably our lead presentation, "7 Superpowers to Happiness" which covers 7 key areas that can improve your level of positivity. One of these key areas is thanksgiving (gratitude). Another is to control your technology so that your screen time is time well spent. Both of these ideas (thanksgiving and controlling technology) are in the '7 Superpowers to Happiness.' However, they are such incredibly powerful ideas, we also offer them as full assemblies on their own. 

7 Superpowers to happiness (ADs)

7 Habits of highly ineffective students (ads)

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